Riverview Adult Residential Care Facility

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Riverview Adult Residential Care Facility  Riverton, NS

Riverview Corporation
Delivery Method: 
Construction Managed, Sequentially Tendered

The Riverview Adult Residential Care facilitiy comprises a complete interior and exterior renovation to an existing 80 year old, three storey, load bearing masonry structure comprising 45,000 sf of floor area.

The project includes additions to each end of the existing building for a finished gross floor area of 65,000 SF. The project involves a complex logistical challenge, as the construction will be undertaken in phases to permit continued occupation by residents and staff. DSRA undertook extensive programming and space reallocation studies to determine expansion and renovation potential. All strategies were costed including complete building replacement, and relocation of residents to temporary facilities. A condition assessment involving architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and civil disciplines was undertaken.

It was determined that an over cladding system with air/vapour barrier, exterior insulation, and cement board siding had the least impact on the occupants and met all technical performance requirements. Strategies for introduction of new electrical systems, major increases in ventilation volumes, new fire and life safety systems were all considered on a phase by phase basis. New systems will replace the obsolete, energy consuming units in a fully integrated manner for a envirionmentally responsible building solution.

The project included the design and integration of an fittings, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) for the building.  Extensive client and end-user consultations have resulted in custom, quality, solution for the 'clients' of Riverview.