Colin Donovan

Colin Donovan B.Des.

Architectural Designer

As an Architectural Designer, Colin continues to gain experience in all building types, honing his skills in the different phases of each project he works on. Prior to joining DSRA, Colin earned his Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies with a Major in Architecture Cooperative from Dalhousie University, School of Architecture in Halifax, Nova Scotia. During his degree, Colin gained fundamental design skills related to the field of architecture. 

Colin has an adept knowledge of design related skills relevant to residential, commercial, and industrial projects. His skills using computer-aided design and drafting software are considered a great asset, though Colin prefers to work by hand whenever possible, as he finds that is how he learns to understand a project best. Colin always brings a ready-to-learn attitude to any project, as he believes continual education is integral to his success. 

While completing his Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies degree, Colin worked for a flooring retailer where he was a sales consultant, helping clients with their flooring needs. His responsibilities included: design consulting, helping clients select finishes, educating clients on different products, drafting floor plans, cost estimation, and so on.