Devin McCarthy

Devin McCarthy NSAA

Associate, Project Architect

Devin is involved in many aspects of DSRA's operations including leading the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology and research, the design and development of the office's larger, more complex projects, and assisting in establishing the collaborative nature of DSRA’s practice. A passionate urbanist, he has received research scholarships to study the cities of Amsterdam, London, and Paris, with a focus on understanding how private and public spaces are woven together to make vibrant places. Prior to joining DSRA, Devin gained a variety of experiences working at multiple scales for architectural practices in Montreal and Vancouver.

A committed member of his local community, Devin has volunteered in a variety of roles over the years with the Halifax Refugee Clinic and the Dalhousie Squash Club. Most recently, he volunteered with the Dalhousie University School of Architecture, where he co-led students in building urban installations on Citadel Hill and the Halifax Waterfront as a part of the School’s Free Lab series.

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