Peter Connell

Peter Connell M.Eng, M.Arch, P.ENG, NSAA, AAPE, AANB, NLAA, LEED® AP

Principal Architect, Managing Director

Peter has been the firm’s leader and Managing Director of DSRA 2008. He has graduate in the years of professional experience. His underlying strength is the management and direction of complex building projects. Peter draws upon his multi-disciplinary architectural and engineering education and experience to inspire creative solutions to building design problems.

Peter enjoys working within the design team to develop simple and elegant solutions to complex design problems. Perhaps an engineer at heart, Peter seeks to find efficiency in materials, energy, and methods to find the best value for money.  Peter worked on many large design-build projects early in his career which helped him form strong collaborate relationship with general contractors and trades. 

Peter understands the physical and economic challenges a builder has, as he is amateur builder himself. His personal all undertaken several bathroom, kitchen, and sun deck renovations on early 20th century homes.  He enjoys working with the materials and tools to achieve professional quality results…at his own leisurely speed!

Peter grew up in Halifax and enjoys spending time with a large network of family and friends.  He is a health and fitness enthusiast, enjoys history, travel, yoga, and golf.


Featured Projects

  • Dalhousie IDEA Building / New Construction / Halifax, NS / 2018 / $30M
  • Canada Games Centre / New Construction / Halifax, NS / 2011 / $40M
  • Dalhousie LeMarchant Mixed Use / New Construction / Halifax, NS / 2013 / $36M
  • Pictou County Wellness Centre / New Construction / New Glasgow, NS / 2012 / $33M
  • Saint Mary’s Homburg Centre for Heath and Wellness / New Construction / Halifax, NS / 2012 / $10M
  • Prospect Road Community Centre / New Construction / NS / 2010 / $8M