Rosa Milito

Rosa Milito Ph.D. Conservation, M.Arch, RIBA SCA, CAHP, ICOMOS, APTI

Principal of Building Conservation, Senior Project Manager

Rosa will ensure that conservation treatments are understood and properly planned amongst diverse discipline. Her extensive experience with conservation projects and ability to combine conservation principles with the practicality of the construction site will ensure that conservation treatments will respect heritage requirements while responding to project requirements and necessary building upgrades.

Rosa will ensure that the ultimate project goal of preserving character defining elements is properly embraced by all project team members. During the design phase she will ensure coordination amongst disciplines and effective planning of interventions and conservation treatments supported by preliminary site analysis. She will support the Client during tendering as well as during construction, timely addressing RFIs and managing Change of Orders. She will advise the Client during the decision-making process to approve or reject proposed contract changes.  Rosa will also deal with the financial aspects of the project analyzing cost breakdown and coordinating amongst Client, Contractor and Consultant team. She will continue to have this key role throughout the project life from schematic to final project certificate.


Featured Projects

  • Integrative Urban Program for the Valorization of the Historic Centre / Pomigliano d’Arco, Italy / 2003-2004
  • St. Peter Square Cenotaph Relocation/ Manchester, England / 2012-2014
  • Folkestone Seafront*, Mixed-use regeneration project / Folkestone, Kent, England/ £189M
  • St. Michael’s Cathedral*- Rehabilitation Project / Toronto, ON / $120M
  • New Toronto Courthouse / Toronto, ON / 2017 Competition phase / $ 956.4M
  • Centre Block Rehabilitation Project, Parliament Hill / Ottawa, ON / 2017-18 / Estimated $ 2 Billion