Carleton House

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Carleton House  Halifax, NS

A request to de-register this Registered Heritage Property in order to demolish it prompted G.F. Duffus & Co. Ltd. (now part of DSRA) to conduct its own historical research on the building, in collaboration with the City of Halifax's Heritage Advisory Committee.

A wealth of long forgotten history was uncovered: The story of "The Father of the Province" the Honourable Richard Bulkeley, and evidence that a substantial portion of the original 1760 Mansion was hidden behind the current facade of the Carleton House.

Later, after its purchase and renovation, G.F. Duffus & Co. Ltd. was able to make numerous visits to the site to record structure and interpret its original fabric. Upon development of preliminary drawings, the Department of Tourism and Culture's Heritage Unit purchased a copy of the final "as found" and interpretive drawings for the Public Archives of Nova Scotia.

Continued interest in this unique heritage building and its original owner resulted in an article published in the newsletter of the Canadian Association of Professional Heritage Consultants, Spring 1994; interpretive drawings of the original building; and co-authorship of The Carleton House: Living History in Halifax, with Dr. Paul A. Erickson.