Emera Oval Pavilion

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Emera Oval Pavilion  Halifax, NS

Halifax Regional Municipality

The Emera Oval Pavilion is constructed at the centre of a significant cultural destination within the Halifax Regional Municipality. The design reflects the importance of the site as a gathering place for the oval and the broader Halifax Commons, as well as the need to provide services specific to the Emera Oval. The building has been split into two programmatic pieces by a passageway, separating the process side from the more open and fluid public side. Splitting the building into two, preserves the visual and physical connections between the park space and the oval plaza. The roof floats above these two structures, covering both indoor and outdoor space, creating a large sheltered area from the elements. The wood clad roof folds up from the center, addressing both the commons and the oval, then tapers towards the edges. This minimizes its profile and visual impact, while creating a sense of lightness within a park setting. The light nature of the roof is balanced by the two solid masses clad in brick to correspond to the civic nature of nearby landmarks. The pavilion is designed to be flexible, so that it can adjust its program throughout the seasons, while providing a high level of amenity to commons and oval users throughout the year. The pavilion ensures the continued success of the area as a recreational destination within the city.

  • Emera Oval Night Time
  • Emera Oval Morning Skaters
  • Emera Oval Under the Roof
  • Oval view from the west