Ghazal Fateh

Ghazal Fateh Ph.D. Arch., NSAA, OAA, CAHP, MRAIC

Senior Associate/ Senior Architect

Ghazal Fatah is a Senior Architect & Retrofit Specialist with over 20 years of professional background. She has experience from initial site condition review and measurement through design to contract administration of numerous heritage, residential, institutional and commercial projects.

Ghazal is an internationally trained architect and holds a Ph.D. in Architecture. She has been pursuing her career in architecture since 2016 in Canada after many years working on heritage projects oversea. Ghazal has been trained as an architectural preservation specialist through the Architecture Preservation & Conservation Advanced Program at Ryerson University upon her arrival to Canada. She is a Licensed Architect and professional member of the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals (CAHP).

Ghazal’s particular area of professional interest and experience include blending of the old and new, adaptive reuse of heritage buildings with modern interventions to their traditional fabric. She has an excellent understanding of technical building science aspects of new construction and existing buildings requiring upgrades, renovations and/or restoration. She is fully apprised of local and national construction standards, codes, restoration methods, and techniques.